What are EPAs?

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Competency based medical education at your fingertipps.

  • Lets trainees track supervisor ratings of EPAs (Entrustable professional activities).

  • Ratings are aggregated to a competency profile.

  • This competency profile enables tailored teaching, optimal learning goals and allocation of staff to task.

prepared assessment system

Want to learn more how competency based medical education is realized in over 30 Clinics?

Visit the product page of the prepared assessment system:


Read in our Blog about Competency based medical education.

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Coming soon:


„We are working on an intuitive and easy to use 360 Degree Feedback application.


You might know that feedback from a wide variety of team members is the best way to get meaningful feedback for personal growth. But you also might know, that getting such a feedback was pure pain until now.

Welcome to MSFtoGROW.
The new 360° Multisource Feedback application. Get hassle-free feedback with an unknown easy approach. This tool is dedicated to personal growth of your team and works with a scientificly proven questionnaire.
This project is supported by SIWF.

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